Just listen to that cough!

If you've read the blog about coughs and tried to match your cough symptoms to a remedy, but you're having trouble trying to decide which remedy to use, try listening to the sound you make when you cough. These YouTube videos will probably make you smile, but they could be the very thing you need to help you find the right remedy. Turn on your sound and click on the links.

Listen to the Cough Sounds & Diagnose the Remedy (Part 1)

Listen to the Cough Sounds & Diagnose the Remedy (Part 2)

If you recognize the sound of your cough and know the remedy you need, homeopathic remedies can be obtained from many health shops or email pauline@paulinestarthomeopath.com and I will send a remedy by 1st class post.

A Basic 18 Kit can be purchased from Helios Homeopathy

If you would like the Helios larger 36 remedy kit or Ainsworths 42 remedy Essential Kit please contact me.


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