My cat’s altercation with next doors cat proved to be a blessing in disguise!  The subsequent visit to the vet for trauma diagnosed her with Chronic Renal failure and her prognosis wasn’t great.  I contacted Pauline who reassured me all would be okay and, although she isn’t allowed to treat animals herself, she recommended and sent remedies for me to put in her daily drinking water. The remedies provided were initially for the trauma and then also for kidney support. When I took her back to the vet for a follow up blood test after a few weeks of taking the remedies, the vet was surprised at her improvement and said to me, “Whatever you are doing, carry on doing it!”  I was overjoyed and did carry on doing it for the next 6 years before I lost her at the old age of 21.5 years.  I have no doubt that if it wasn’t for Pauline’s care and support I would never have had those extra years.  

I am and will forever be grateful. - Sarah, Northampton

Pauline has shown great patience and helped me with several issues. Outstandingly when I had glandular fever she gave me some small white pills and said "by Tuesday you will start to feel better". I was a bit sceptical as I felt so Ill I couldn't possibly imagine a big improvement in 2 days. However I took the tablets and promptly forgot what she'd said.  When I awoke on the Tuesday morning after a refreshing night's sleep I felt human, I felt like myself, I felt as if I would get well again and able to look forward to a recovery, which I subsequently made.  It was only later on the Tuesday morning that I remembered Pauline's words and I realised it was the homeopathy that had helped. - Anne, Bromsgrove

I had a raging toothache but I knew if I went to the dentist they would get me involved in some complicated and expensive procedures. Pauline prescribed some homeopathic pills and after 2 hours my toothache had cleared up.  That was over 4 years ago and on one occasion the ache returned so I took the little pills again and obtained complete relief.  I still have the tooth and I have every confidence in Pauline's professionalism as a homeopath as she has since helped me with other health issues. - Elizabeth, Tuscany

Pauline has been a great help to me over the years with my various health issues, coming up with remedies that always suit my personal needs. One time that readily comes to mind was following open heart surgery when she prescribed a kit of different remedies to help with my full recovery. I was happy that both the Senior Consultant and my GP commented on my quick recovery.  I found her always to be a very professional lady who is also kind, caring, patient and easy to talk to. I would recommend her services to anyone. - Robert, Bewdley

                                 Over the years Pauline has given me expert help with the many health issues that I have had, these directly and indirectly because of sleep loss due to having to care for seriously ill family members over a period of some years.  She is always compassionate, caring and patient with me.  I have absolute confidence in her professional ability to prescribe just the right remedies as needed. She is a really delightful and dedicated person . .  -  Sue Taylor, Bewdley

I decided to try homeopathy for my health problems as I was taking / using 12 prescription medications.  Thankfully, over time I have been able to reduce these to a minimum and I continue to benefit from the care that I receive from Pauline. She not only got me on the road to recovery but, through the use of homeopathic remedies and nutritional advice, she helps me to maintain my health. - Gill, Walsall

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